Greenfield and Collocations

The Siting and Design of New Towers, Collocations and Rooftop Installations require the ability to adjust to ever changing challenges. In today’s fast paced wireless market, it is imperative that engineering firms possess the experience to tackle issues as they arise. Whether these issues are related to minimizing environmental impacts (Stormwater Management and Wetlands), innovative methods of utilizing existing compound space or unique structural designs to complete rooftop or water tank installations, our background and experience allow us to resolve the issues while maintaining the aggressive schedule that is expected.


  • Site Acquisition
  • Surveying
  • Zoning/Construction Drawings
  • Structural Analysis and Tower Modification Design
  • Power and Telco Coordination
  • Phase One / NEPA SHPO
  • Platform Design/Layout
  • Zoning & Permitting

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